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Meet the Artist

I was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1972 to a working class family.  Still a Communist country, Poland was not an easy place to live in and art was only allowed if it was part of the stereotype, it was not allowed to be a form of free expression. I, however, was a non-conformist, a rebel in my approach to art and I began to paint portraits and figures on canvas as I was fascinated by people.  I mainly used oil paints as my preferred medium.  As a child, the art I produced was a whirlwind of colour and chaos which I then began to develop into drawings of people in my mid-teenage years. My parents were intellectuals of the Communist era wanting the best for me so they sent me to Economics School that went against every grain of my character for I was an expressive, creative person and Economics School crushed this important part of my character.  I tried to conform to the image my parents had of me and lost my incentive to paint until I met my husband at 29 years old.  Meeting him ignited my passion for art and I have continued to develop my painting ever since then.

The Discovery of Life and it’s Aesthetic Mysticism
I am fascinated with the implications of new psychological theories using Freudian and Jungian philosophy; I would like to explore in further depth their theories of how the unconscious mind reveals itself through symbols.  I would also like to discover and develop this vision through painting and sculpture. I believe that my art can help to give answers that can continue to add to the expansion of our awareness of the complex emotional mind and it’s development. Further, in my opinion, art has got the strongest power to enter our subconscious mind.  The beauty, the meaning of it, can change our view and state of mind, and could change our lives too.

How I create my work
For me, the process of creating a painting is magical.  It is like a visionary window allowing the viewer to open, enter and explore my subconscious mind.  I work with oils directly onto canvas and work from the vision in my mind, creating aesthetic forms from chaos, thriving on the challenge, with the aim of creating a meaningful art through my choice of subject matter.

Monika Grand Artist

My Services


I’m always happy to take on commissioned work. Please contact me and let me know your requirements.

Portrait Painting

I’m fascinated by people and love to paint portraits and figures. I’d be happy to paint your portrait  as a commission. Please contact me and let me know your requirements.

Portrait Photography

I’m a qualified Make-up Artist and used to work as one for Polish Television. The portrait sessions I offer include professional make-up before the shoot.

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I’m always happy to hear from people

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